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The supremacy of the Chief of Mission for the conduct of foreign relations at the post is established. The Chief of Mission shall have the authority to discipline attaches within his Mission, including the authority to have them recalled, if necessary. Except in extraordinary cases, each foreign service establishment shall have only military, labor, revenue, tourism, information and commercial attaches. Office of Protocol, State and Official Visits. — The Office of Protocol, State and Official Visits shall coordinate preparations for state visits, the reception of Chiefs of State, heads of Government, the highest foreign dignitaries visiting the Philippines, as well as official visits of Philippine officials abroad, as may be determined by the President.

— Regional offices organized on a department-wide basis shall have units or personnel in which the functional areas of the staff bureaus and services in the department shall be represented. Regional offices of a line bureau may have units or personnel in which the functional areas of the primary units of the bureau are represented. Related functions of regional units shall be consolidated. Administrative and Legal Service, which shall be responsible for providing lexatrade reviews the Department with efficient and effective services relating to personnel, information, records, supplies, equipment collection, disbursement, security and custodial work, and all legal matters. National Government Budget Bureaus A and B which shall evaluate and review the budgetary proposals, work and financial flows of the national government and ensure its compliance with budgetary policies and project priorities of the bureaus assigned to each group.

Collection of Fees. Planning and Monitoring Service. — The Planning and Monitoring Service shall be responsible for the formulation and integration of plans and programs, emanating from all units of the Department, including the Bureaus, Regional Offices and Attached Agencies. It shall also be responsible for data analysis and monitoring of the implementation of said plans and programs through its management information system.

Chapter 4 Board Of Higher Education

Office of Intelligence and Security. — The Office of Intelligence and Security shall adopt a system of information gathering forex broker and analysis, act as liaison with the intelligence community, and provide security services in the Department.

He shall exercise overall authority in matters within the jurisdiction of the bureau, office or agency, including those relating to its operations, and enforce all laws and regulations pertaining to it. Legal Service. — A Legal Service shall be provided where the operations of the department involve substantial legal work, in which case the Administrative Service shall not have a Legal Division. Composition. Foreign Trade Service Corps. Assistant Secretaries.

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  • Alien Employees.
  • — The Department shall be responsible for the formulation and implementation of the National Budget with the goal of attaining our national socio-economic plans and objectives.
  • In addition, he shall handle other special projects as may be identified or directed by the Department Secretary.
  • Administrative decisions and actions shall, as much as feasible, be at the level closest to the public.

— The Academy shall prepare the candidates for commission in the regular force of the AFP and shall instruct, train and develop cadets so that each graduate shall possess the character, the broad and basic military skills and the education essential forex indices to the successful pursuit of a progressive military career. — The Philippine Military Academy is the primary training and educational institution of the AFP. It shall be the primary source of regular officers of the Standing Force.

Title V Public Works And Highways

The Administrator and the Deputy Administrators shall be appointed by the President upon recommendation of the Secretary of Labor and Employment. There shall be as many Conciliators-Mediators as the needs of the public service require, who shall have at least three years of experience in handling labor relations and who shall be appointed by the Secretary. The Board shall have its main office in Metropolitan Manila and its Administrator shall exercise supervision over Conciliators-Mediators and all its personnel. It shall establish as many branches as there are administrative regions in the country, with as many Conciliators-Mediators as shall be necessary for its effective operation. Each branch of the Board shall be headed by an Executive Conciliator-Mediator.

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The Executive Director shall be appointed by the President upon the recommendation of the Secretary. The Executive Director shall receive a monthly salary of thirteen thousand five hundred pesos. The NBI is also authorized to continue the operation and maintenance of a Regional Office in each of the twelve administrative regions of the country, to be headed by a Regional Director and assisted by an Assistant Regional Director. Perform such other appropriate functions as may be assigned by the Secretary or Undersecretary for International Finance. Perform such other appropriate functions as may be assigned by the Secretary, the Undersecretary for Domestic Operations or the Assistant Secretary directly assisting the Undersecretary for Domestic Operations. Perform such other appropriate functions as may be assigned by the Director. Perform such other appropriate functions as may be assigned by the National Treasurer.

Chapter 4 Bureaus And Offices

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— There shall be a Regional Franchising and Regulatory Office in each of the administrative regions of the country which shall be headed by a Regional Director having the rank, salary and privileges of a Department Assistant Regional Director. The Regional Franchising and Regulatory Offices shall hear and decide uncontested applications/petitions for routes, within their respective administrative regions but that applications/petitions for routes extending beyond their respective territorial jurisdiction shall be heard and decided by the Board.

In the absence of special restriction prescribed by law, nothing shall prevent a subordinate officer or employee from being assigned additional duties by proper authority, when not inconsistent with the performance of the duties imposed by law. Integration of Field Service. — Except as otherwise provided by law and when the needs of the service so require, the department or agency shall organize an integrated regional office on a department or agency-wide basis.

Chapter 4 The Department Field Offices

— The State shall develop a self-reliant and independent national economy effectively controlled by Filipinos. It recognizes the indispensable role of the private sector, encourages private enterprise, and provides incentives to needed investments. The College shall be headed by a President who shall administer the affairs of the College with the assistance of an Executive Vice-President, a Vice-President for Academic Affairs, a Vice-President for Administrative Affairs and a Vice-President for Research and Special Studies. The Executive Vice-President shall act for the President in his absence and shall perform such other functions as may be assigned to him by the President. In times of war or national emergency, the Philippine Constabulary or any of its subordinate units may be employed jointly with, or in support of the operations of, the other Major Services, as the President may direct. Abolish the position of any Deputy Chief of Staff or any general staff office and transfer or consolidate its functions and duties with those of another Deputy Chief of Staff or General Staff Office. The AFP General Staff .

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He shall have the authority to discipline employees in accordance with the Civil Service Law. Supervision of Regional Offices. — Whenever the function or activity of a department or agency requires central or interregional action, the function may be performed by the regional offices under the supervision and control of the department proper or line bureau concerned. Municipal/District Office. Pollution Adjudication Board.

Subtitle Iii The National Police Commission

The Secretary shall define the appropriate functions to be delegated to the DOF-RACO. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secretary of Finance, shall draft and prepare the necessary rules and regulations as may be needed to delineate the authority and responsibility of the various groups and services of the Bureau. Authority to Issue, Restrict, Withdraw or Cancel. — The Secretary shall have authority to withhold the issuance or order the cancellation or restriction eur usd of passports upon lawful order of the court or when he deems it necessary in the interest of national security, public safety or public health, or in cases when a passport was secured through misrepresentation or fraud. Initial Home Office Requirement. — No Foreign Service Officer, Staff Officer or Employee shall be assigned to any foreign service establishment unless he has rendered continuous and satisfactory service in the home office for at least three years. Rotation Plan.

— The Board of Foreign Service Examiners shall be composed of one Undersecretary as Chairman; and the Assistant Secretary for Personnel and Administrative lexatrade scammers Services and a Commissioner of the Civil Service Commission as members. The Board shall be under the administrative supervision of such Undersecretary.

The Department shall be responsible for the supervision of the revenue operations of all local government units, with the objective of making these entities less dependent on funding from the national government. Office of International Economic Affairs and Development. Approval of other types of Government Contracts. — All other types of government contracts which are not within the coverage of this Chapter shall, in the absence of a special provision, be executed with the approval of the Secretary or by the head of the bureau or office having control of the appropriation against which the contract would create a charge.

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