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So That You Want My Job: Air Force Pilot

So That You Want My Job: Air Force Pilot

Today we come back to our “So you would like My Job” Series, by which we interview males that are utilized in the sort of jobs men dream of having, and get them in regards to the truth of the principal site work as well as for suggestions about exactly how males can finally become what they always wished to be once they was raised.

Because of this installment that is second we interviewed Cameron Schaefer, regular AoM factor, writer of Schaefer’s Blog, and high-flying Air Force pilot. Thank you to Cameron for participating.

1. Inform us only a little you from about yourself(Where are? Where do you head to college? Just how old will you be? Describe your task and exactly how long you’ve been at it).

I will be 24 years of age and currently are now living in Tacoma, WA with my partner and 9-month old daughter. I happened to be born and raised in Laramie, WY. We spent my youth playing lots of activities and enjoyed all plain things in the open air. We went to the united states Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO graduating in 2006. Upon graduation, we attended Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) at Vance AFB in Enid, OK. After logging over 200 hours into the T-6 Texan and T-1 Jayhawk I obtained my wings and relocated with my children to McChord AFB final June to start my job as a C-17 pilot. When I’m maybe not blogging or exploring the area that is local the household, I’m frequently flying missions offshore, transporting troops and gear anywhere and whenever the usa forces require us.

2. Why do you desire to be an Air Force pilot? Whenever do you realize it was everything you desired to do?

I remember watching movies like “Top Gun” and “Iron Eagle” and being fascinated with flying and the idea of being a pilot when I was young. Because the Air Force Academy was at exactly the same conference that is athletic Wyoming, i got eventually to look at Academy cadets if they would show up to try out us in soccer. There clearly was without doubt that their life had been much diverse from the typical university student, and I also ended up being fascinated. I wound up visiting the fresh air Force Academy, but nonetheless wasn’t 100% sure if i needed become a pilot. Through the summers we might get to check out Air Force bases across the world and frequently got trips in a variety of jets. After getting rides both in the C-5 and F-16, we decided traveling could be a better task than sitting behind a desk for hours. I was appropriate.

3. If guy desires to be an Air Force pilot, just how should he well prepare? What’s the route that is best to the task?

You will find actually two big hurdles to becoming a pilot: 1) just officers are permitted to travel, so first you need to be commissioned as an Air Force Officer. You will find 3 avenues to officership: the Air Force Academy, ROTC, and Officer Training class (OTS). 2) One has to compete and start to become chosen to go to pilot training. Ok last one, then you already have to have through pilot training that isn’t a given.

For preparation i might state do well in college and get a person that is well-balanced. Air Force pilots are recognized for having the capability think well under multi-task and stress. Playing activities is amongst the best how to develop these attributes. Some might say ensure you get your personal Pilot’s permit. Although it truly won’t harmed you, it isn’t necessary in my experience. Away from my UPT class just a small number of dudes had a PPL before they arrived and I also saw no correlation between that and their performance in accordance with ordinary people. Military flying is significantly diverse from civilian flying.

In terms of the most useful route, I admit that I’m biased, but going to the Academy provides the most effective possibility of becoming a pilot. On a yearly basis there are around 1,000 pilot slots available Air Force wide for pilot training, and 50 % of those are directed at the Academy in addition to spouse are split among most of the ROTC programs around the world in addition to OTS. Therefore, making use of my Academy course as one example, we’d about 900 cadets into the course of 2006 and there have been around 500 pilot training slots available. Numerous cadets either didn’t desire to travel or had been clinically disqualified, therefore because of the end here wound up being more pilot training slots available for the course than individuals who desired them. During the Academy, if you’d like to travel consequently they are clinically qualified, it’s likely that acutely high you’re getting a slot.

4. Exactly how competitive will it be to secure a job as an Air Force pilot?

Exceptionally. You’re increasing against plenty of dudes that are accustomed succeeding in life, plenty of type-A characters. In the end though, you will find a limited wide range of pilot slots therefore you’re graded on everything you will do then racked and stacked by the end. So when you receive to Pilot Training it does not allow up. Now everybody is contending for particular airframes, and that will get pretty intense in certain cases.

5. You graduated through the fresh air Force Academy. What’s the application form process like there? Just what sets candidates aside? Any recommendations?

Final 12 months 9,163 both women and men used and just 1,287 had been admitted…so it is a bit selective. So that you can also use you should be an American resident between the ages of 17-23 and unmarried without any dependents. Also, you must get a nomination by a member of Congress from your own home state. Each congressman/woman generally sets up a job interview board to interview possible prospects amongst the summer associated with junior and year that is senior of college and in to the fall. You can find always a few more folks contending for a consultation than slots available, and this is actually the initial hurdle that is big.

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