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Leaks – discover ways to end leakages within their paths

Leaks – discover ways to end leakages within their paths

Ultimately, all hot spa proprietors experience spa leaks. Finding and fixing all of all of them is a piece of cake, knowing the best place to look.

Hard or small to get leakages are often sealed with pour in Seal-A-Leak Sealant. The product usually seals sluggish leakages for great. If leak sealant doesn’t have the desired effect, you must get the drip very first.

Finding leakages

After turning from the power, start the apparatus area to check out obvious leakages or pooling.

On spas with foam-filled cupboards, dig away the soggy foam until you will find the drip source.

Another technique would be to fill your tub that is hot the ability off) and allow the water-drop. After the liquid prevents draining, study jets and components right above the water that is new for leakages.

The problem may be a water intake or light assembly if the water drops to the bottom of the tub

Do you know the many leak that is common? Leakages commonly stem through the after areas or parts:

  • Pumps
  • Heater
  • PVC Pipe Connections & Unions
  • Valves
  • Jets & Manifolds


Spend close awareness of the pumps. Pumps operate under high-pressure, and water shall drip past worn out seals. Signs and symptoms of a leaking seal tend to be liquid underneath the pump and water places or corrosion regarding the motor.

Switching the seal, damp end, or full pump construction is necessary each time a pump seal fails. On older pumps, replace the total pump and engine, instead of just specific components.

New pumps include a guarantee & brand- new seals. You’ll save your self even more cash vs. purchasing each right component while the other areas fail.


Heaters drip from plumbing system unions, detectors or force switches. Rust in the heater pipe is an indication of a heater drip.

Leak fix on a heater can be straightforward as switching the union gaskets or force switch. Change the heater construction if it offers deterioration or pitting. Those places will end up a drip re source as time goes on.

PVC Connections & Unions

Unions are inclined to loosening with vibration and alterations in liquid temp. Give tighten leaking unions. When they keep dripping, decide to try switching the gasket, O-Ring, or perhaps the union installation.

Tighten hot spa plumbing components by hand only. Because they are synthetic, they’re going to break if you utilize resources.

Glued plumbing system components are far more tough to secure. Take to these repairs before eliminating and switching plumbing system components:

  • SpaBond Leak Seal Patch System. This system fixes cracks in tough areas like PVC and spa shells once and for all, and installs such as for instance a sticker.
  • Plast-Aid Acrylic and PVC Fix System. This 2-part kit that is epoxy an enduring relationship to acrylic and PVC.
  • Seal-a-Leak Leak Sealer. This pour in fluid seals small plumbing system leaks. Seal-a-Leak is fantastic to test if you fail to discover the supply of a leak. Note: Pour in drip sealers cannot cure pump that is leaking.
  • PVC Clip-On Pipe Fix. This repair that is clever onto existing pipelines, couplings, and arms or shirts, closing leakages at bones.

In the event that drip can’t be repaired with your practices, cut right out the plumbing that is leaking replace the components.


Hot tubs utilize 3 valve that is basic: shutoff valves, diverter valves, and atmosphere control valves. Shutoff and diverter valves are far more vulnerable to drip than environment control valves, because they control liquid flow, maybe not environment.

Swap leaking shut down valves (aka gate or piece valves) by cutting all meet24 of them down, and gluing in new people. These valves stop liquid circulation to be able to solution gear without the need to deplete the spa. For an instant & effortless fix, replace the valve away for a right area of PVC and take away the device completely.

Diverter valves leak because of exhausted or o-Rings that are dry. Hold valves drip free and dealing effortlessly by greasing O-Rings and any surfaces that are moving with Lube-Tube Lubricant annually.

Jets & Manifolds

Would you are thought by you have got a layer drip? A jet gasket drip is more most most most likely. Jets have flexible gaskets that seal up against the spa layer. In the long run, hot spa liquid stops working the gaskets, causing leakages.

To correct a jet gasket drip, you’ll need certainly to take away the jet through the spa to gain access to the gasket. The spa layer and jet needs to be clean before setting up a brand new gasket. Utilize Silicone Sealant on both edges associated with brand new gasket before tightening the jet to generate a far better seal.

Jet Manifold harm takes place when water freezes inside the plumbing work. SpaBond or Plast-Aid will fix smaller splits. In the event that manifold is beyond restoration, it offers becoming altered.

Start with cutting out of the manifold and any arms attached to it. Swap the parts and glue every thing back to place.

Shell Splits

Even though it is unusual the spa layer itself would drip, it’s possible. Many sores or area splits into the layer that is acrylic of layer are merely cosmetic, and rarely cause leaks.

To correct area splits, drill a tiny gap (1/16” or less) on either end for the break to prevent spreading. Clean up the surface all over break, thereby applying either a Spa Bond spot , or, for larger cracks, Plast-Aid.

Leak Protection

An ounce of avoidance may be worth a lb of treatment. Look for leakages for a regular basis. Correcting leaks straight away makes fixes less difficult.

At each liquid modification, start the gear pantry and appear for signs and symptoms of liquid. Double-check all unions. Will they be dry and tight?

Spend special awareness of the pump. Look out for any signs and symptoms of liquid in the motor, such as for example rust or liquid places. Signs and symptoms of liquid regarding the pump or engine is usually the total outcome of a leaking seal.

Hold spa liquid properly sanitized and balanced. Minimal pH and bromine/chlorine that is high result equipment issues and leakages in the long run.

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