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How do I conceal my clip in extensions and mix them into my normal hair?

How do I conceal my clip in extensions and mix them into my normal hair?

I am 17 and I also like a man that is 15.

What exactly is your viewpoint? You are able to offer it if you are not a total jerk about it. I am a seventeen yr old woman that has not had a boyfriend that is real. I have had things with dudes and did some material however they had been never ever my boyfriend. I am nevertheless a virgin though. And I also state a « real » boyfriend because we went with some guy in like 6th grade for a couple of times. Thus I’ve had one but I do not count it at all lol.

We came across that one man at our pool that is local and’s amazingly precious! He has got actually good eyes and he’s actually nice if you ask me. We exchanged figures and now have been speaking for some time now. 🙂 the sole thing that bothers me personally is the fact that we have been couple of years aside. He is nearly 15.

I’ve constantly had difficulties with dudes. I suppose they may be maybe not interested in me personally. I have been self conscience with my human body so that the proven fact that he is seen me personally in a bikini and it is nevertheless drawn to me personally means A WHOLE LOT. I am perhaps not attempting to toot my very own horn right here but I am certain I’m pretty and I also have actually my curves and I guess many dudes do not view it.

He will be a freshman and I also should always be a senior but i will be a junior. I do not want individuals judging or calling me personally gross for speaking with a 15 old year. (we possibly may become dating because we actually like one another. But i recently do not know because of the age huge difference.)

Sorry it’s long however, if you can provide some views or advice that could be fine. 🙂

So what does my fantasy mean? Dead fetus?

I’d a fantasy that my belly had been torn available and I also reached in part and pulled down a truly thin, look out of infant fetus and I also’m convinced it had been dead. Lately i have been having fantasies that we have a child. Or becoming expecting. i am perhaps not intimately active therefore I do not know exactly what it means..

Just what had been the underlying causes of World War I?

I need to compose an essay answering that concern. I read the things I can looking to get responses which will help me personally but I’m still kind of confused. If some one could please stupid it down and assist me away, it will be significantly valued. 🙂

What is this design that is girly?

I do not if there is an actual title to it. But i wish to search backgrounds that are cute my iPhone deploying it. It really is such as your fundamental girly material; lipstick, nail polish, high heel shoes, make-up, perfume, compensate brushes, blush, and Channel. They truly are like drawings maybe not photos that are actual. Sorry if i am not yet determined but thank you for assisting! Here is an image of it. I simply do not know the thing I can key in google so pictures such as this can come away. (Ignore that it is on cupcakes)

Okay so I recently purchased locks extensions so when we place them in personally i think that everybody is able to see the bands and that can additionally notice where my genuine locks is. I have tried teasing my hair to pay for the videos plus it assists a little nonetheless it seems like through out of the time my locks reveals the bands.

Does anybody learn how to conceal them better? I obtained them from Sally’s beauty supply. Additionally how to mix my extensions in better? I have tried straightening the extensions to my hair and I also feel my ends still pop away. Must I cut my ends that are dead? Could that assistance?

And I also have actually college tomorrow and I also anticipate wearing them since its the very first time right back from Thanksgiving break. Therefore I want to get it done right!

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