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Reading Workout: 3 Cards, 3 Word Sentence, Round 17

Reading Workout: 3 Cards, 3 Word Sentence, Round 17

Thank you for visiting round 18 of this 3 Card, 3 Word Sentence game!

This is actually the post that is ORIGINAL back 2006, developing the guidelines of this game.

I am encouraged by the popular ‘One Card, One phrase’ thread, to begin up another on a theme that is different. In that one, the basic concept is always to produce a three word phrase utilizing three cards.

6 Cups / Page of Wands / 6 Coins

Keep in mind / studying / business.

2 Coins / 7 Cups / Sun

Exchanging / wondrous / insights.

The results could be quite interesting if the cards are drawn in response to particular questions. Who would like to get first?

Ended up being the device call made intentionally to p*ss me off?

And right here ended up being the reply that is ORIGINAL after the correct guidelines:

Had been the telephone call made intentionally to p*ss me down?

Page of Pentacles – Judgement – II of Wands

Message – awakens – starting

No, not to ever piss you down; to give you inspired.

Where will likely be our meal next Monday?

Note the 3 key term as they relate solely to the 3 cards, then accompanied by your interpretation regarding the cards together.

This is actually the structure for the game.


(Game proceeded from right here.)

4 of Wands / 9 of Swords / Ace of Swords.

Self-respect / Moving On / Beginning.

You’ve got recently managed to move on through the items that never have offered the mind an adequate amount of time and energy to sleep.