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Banksy: Hula-hooping girl sold and removed for ‘six numbers’

Banksy: Hula-hooping girl sold and removed for ‘six numbers’

A Banksy artwork happens to be taken from the part of the building in Nottingham and offered to a collector.

The mural, which illustrates a woman hula-hooping by having a bike tyre, appeared for a domestic street in October.

The « slab of stone » had been seen being cut through the wall amateurmatch mobile surface in Rothesay Avenue from about 05:00 GMT.

Gallery owner John Brandler told the BBC he paid a « six-figure amount » for the piece, and desired to assist preserve it, also as use it display.

Resident Dan Golstein stated workmen had been « drilling to the wall » when you look at the early hours. The artwork ended up being seen being loaded in to the relative straight back of the van.

Mr Brandler stated the employees were element of a « very specialised company » which had eliminated Banksy art prior to.

He included he could be now delivering it to Scotland become restored.

The collector owns many of the evasive musician’s pieces, including periods Greetings, which he purchased from the storage in Port Talbot in 2019.

He advertised he had saved the Nottingham artwork « in time » before moist might lead to harm underneath the plastic address placed on by Nottingham City Council.

« If you add Perspex over a photo the dampness enters the solid wall and cannot escape – the wall surface has to inhale, » he stated.

« If I experiencedn’t got it and removed it, in 2 years’ time there would not have already been a Banksy here at all. »